POMPEI collects personal information for the purpose of providing users with more individualized services. Without users’ legal and proper authorization, POMPEI will not publish, edit, or disclose users’ personal information and the private content kept by POMPEI save that:
i. The related laws, governmental authorities, or legal service procedures of POMPEI request the POMPEI to do so.
ii. POMPEI does so to maintain users’ and the public’s rights and interests in urgency.
iii. POMPEI does so to safeguard its intellectual property rights and other legal rights and interests.

Users agree to allow POMPEI to use the personal information under circumstances including but not limited to the following:
i. We may share users’ personal information for the purpose of sales promotion. Under such circumstances, POMPEI may notify users before transmitting their information and the users may choose not to participate in the sales promotion in order to prevent their personal information from being transmitted.
ii. We may match users’ information with third party data.
iii. We may disclose users statistics to potential partners, advertisers, and other third parties, and describe the online services of POMPEI for other legal purposes.
iv. We may send information on the products and services of POMPEI or other products and services that POMPEI thinks the users may be interested in to the users. If users do not want to receive such information, they may notify us when they provide personal information or at any time.

POMPEI will make due efforts to protect users’ information, but it cannot ensure or guarantee the safety of users’ personal information. Users shall assume the risks by themselves. The previously mentioned risks include but are not limited to: Users may receive messages without users’ consent when they disclose their personal information online to which the public may have access; The business partners of POMPEI or any other third party who gets users’ personal information through other websites may conduct independent data collecting and other activities to the users. POMPEI does not assume any liabilities at any time for the above mentioned behaviors of users and other third parties, as well as any risks, losses, and damages caused by or in connection with such behaviors to the users.
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